"Nutrisco & Extinguo"

Let's share the fire that drives us!

The Maison Jacques Chaput , located on 14 hectares in the Côte des Bars in Arrentières, cultivates the art of selecting grapes and wines to give life to the blend. 

Jason & Jacky Chaput draw on the complexity of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir to create lively, fruity champagnes that respect the House's tradition, inspired by the knowledge inherited from the generations that preceded them. This mastery of the blending technique and the slow aging process in bottles will bring out the magic of effervescence and bubbles.

Today, Jason & Jacky Chaput like to share this inner fire
that is the passion to make discover their wines.

A motto and an emblem steeped in history

The Salamander & our inner fire as guides

The salamander, the royal emblem of Francis I, is accompanied by the motto
"Nutrisco & Extinguo" (I feed him and I extinguish him), which can be interpreted as: 
"I feed the good fire and put out the bad".

The Chaput House has adopted this emblem and motto, which expresses what drives us in the vineyard and in the cellar: "May your pleasure in tasting our champagnes be equal to the pleasure we have had in revealing them".

Discover our champagnes

that awaken your senses

Traditional tasting

Through 4 wines from our range, discover the richness of the grape varieties revealed by the blends,
Blanc de Blancs, Blanc de Noirs, Authentic and Tradition ranges,
have a pleasant moment with friends or followers of quality champagnes.

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