A motto and an emblem steeped in history

The Salamander & our inner fire as guides

The salamander, the royal emblem of Francis I, is accompanied by the motto
"Nutrisco & Extinguo" (I feed him and I extinguish him), which can be interpreted as: 
"I feed the good fire and put out the bad".

The Chaput House has adopted this emblem and motto, which expresses what drives us in the vineyard and in the cellar: "May your pleasure in tasting our champagnes be equal to the pleasure we have had in revealing them".


The wine tradition in Champagne is quite old: it goes back to the time of the Romans. They are the ones who planted the first vines. The Champagne vineyard was then maintained thanks to the attention given to it by the clergy. The Chaput family has always had, for eight generations, at least one active winegrower (Juste Chaput winegrower in Fravaux, born in 1736).

During the 1950s, Jacques Chaput actively contributed to the re-establishment of the vineyard where Benedictine monks had already been cultivating vines in the 12th century. 
An old fortified farmhouse, built by Bernard de Clairvaux, is now used as an ageing cellar for our most noble vintages (Grande Réserve "La Salamandre", Brut "L'Authentic", Blanc-de-Blancs and Blanc-de-Noirs millésimes).

Run today by Jason & Jacky Chaput, the property is spread over 14 hectares of vines, mainly planted with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.


Arrentières is a village located on the right bank of the Aube which gave its name to our department. This small area of the Barsuraubois, is distinguished by its very specific soil conferring to the wines of Champagne an unequalled fruitiness and freshness.

Between the deep plains and the steep hillsides, the succession of plateaus and valleys is essentially composed of marl, limestone and clay, dating from the Jurassic period. These soils are so many pieces of a puzzle with multiple exposures, where Pinot Noir and Chardonnay come to draw their freshness and vivacity, and give the wines unique characters.

The rigorous selection of our vines, of different grape varieties, but also of wines from previous years allows us, through blending, to master the quality and consistency of our wines and to reveal their peak. Our champagnes are regularly acclaimed and distinguished by professionals as well as by reference guides.


Our wines are the fruit of a happy marriage: a vineyard that we accompany through the seasons, combined with careful maturation in the cellar and of course a bit of our talent. 

They thus become the Jacques Chaput champagnes where excellence is the only ingredient. 

The birth of our champagnes becomes real only through you: in your eyes, in the aromas exhaled and in your palate fully expressed.

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